The Ripple Effect

SPO Texas

And just like that, this Ohio girl is moving to Texas.

Okay, so maybe not just like that, but here we are all the same. Moving to Texas. If you had told me a year ago that I would be sitting in Cincinnati, facing a summer of support raising, with an official SPO missionary email open on the next tab over, I probably would have squinted my eyes at you in confusion. Or just laughed. I laugh a lot. Especially when I’m not sure how else to respond.

But here I am. Official SPO email and all. And it feels so right! My terror at not having any solid post-graduation plans slowly and surely turned to freedom and excitement when I realized that meant I could do anything I wanted. Or more importantly, anything the Lord wanted (which includes Texas…or else I don’t have a clue what He’s doing).

I’m stocking up on sunscreen and psyching myself up to invest in a hammock and some boots. I don’t know what’s in store for me this year, but if I can toss even a tiny pebble into the waters on campus this year, maybe the ripples will change the world. God’s already taken my “yes” and run a mile with it, so I’m sure anything is possible at this point.