img_0536This past Saturday was our first Pure Silk event of the year. A portion of our events are funded by Pure Silk, and we used the donations to host a classy tea party for the women. My partners in crime (translation: the entire rest of the women’s staff) were unable to come, so I jumped right in to solo-leading an event. It went far smoother than I anticipated, but I’m learning very quickly that my strengths do not lie in delegation. Oops.

I used most of the week to do small things in preparation for the event, and then spent the whole morning at Our Lady of Wisdom setting up the large lobby space. A few of the men helped me roll out six large tables, Camille lent us her beautiful teacups and pots for the afternoon, and two of the women come early to help cut fruit and lay out trays of cookies. Courtney had made us a playlist for background music, but none of us could figure out how to make the big speakers connect to my laptop until Father David, the pastor at Our Lady of Wisdom, walked through the lobby. It wasn’t until he started working on the speakers that the music turned on. Nothing like a well-timed entrance, Father!

We had about 20 women show up to the event in img_0498their best dresses, and it was exciting to
sit back and watch how the Household women took it upon themselves to make the new comers feel welcomed. Andie, one of the women living in Household, gave a brief talk to start off the afternoon. She touched on the idea of our femininity, the way we as women show a specific image of God, and how we can encourage each other to live up to our feminine virtues by way of good sisterhood. We spent the rest of our time discussing the ideas she presented over tea and treats. My time was split between engaging new students in conversation at the table and running back and forth from the kitchen to make sure everyone had enough tea and cookies.

img_0496The only catastrophe that happened was one of the women finding a teeny, dead scorpion in the bottom of her cup. Thankfully she noticed it, and was very calm about the whole situation. That’s not something I would have ever foreseen happening! Welcome to Texas, I guess?
While I was completely exhausted by the end of the day, it was the kind of exhaustion that felt worthwhile. Even though I made the mistake of trying to do most of the work myself, I’m surrounded by people who have generous hearts and eyes constantly seeking for ways to serve. Many of the women stayed late to help wash dishes, put away tables, and drive people home. All in all it was a wonderful afternoon, and I was so happy to see women having a good time and engaging a great conversations with each other!



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