Fan into Formation


Last weekend was our Formation retreat. Our Formation program is for the students living in Household (as well as a few other involved students) and is focused on helping them mature in their faith through a weekly series of talks, discussions, and meetings with a mentor.

We took time this weekend to get out of San Marcos for a bit and come together as a img_1114Formation community. We were at a beautiful retreat center called Deer Creek Camp, which was about two hours away from San Marcos, and we heard talks from
some of the mission directors and had time to worship and pray together. The talks were focused on each person of the trinity, and how each of us can begin to understand and relate to them. There was plenty of time for prayer, discussion, and leisure throughout the time we were there. The retreat we put on for them was called Fan Into Flame, which is a retreat SPO does at most of its chapters during the school year.

I’d been onto Fan Into Flame twice before at Ohio State, but it was a little different this time because I was doing the behind the scenes stuff. I was in charge of the snacks and was also the photographer for most of it. It was a little hard at first trying to figure out what my role was because I was so used to being a participant img_1117at the retreat. But it went well and was a great time to reconnect with everyone, to be reminded of the importance of what we’re doing here, and to be blown away again at the depth of the relationships these students have with the Lord.

I think we’re all a little tired still from the weekend away, but I’ve already had some good conversations with some of the students and am excited to see how the Lord is going to continue drawing them closer to Him this year.


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