Jumping into 2017

Version 2Happy new year! Spring semester started up today, and we’re jumping right back into Household life this week. Our community looks a little bit different already this semester; a few people have graduated or moved on, and we gained a new roommate! But despite all the comings and goings around here, we’re determined to dive deep this semester. With only a semester left for many of the graduating students, we’re all hoping to make the most of our time together. I was so thrilled to see the joy and excitement in the students when they came back from break, and I can already tell we’re itching to go deeper — deeper in friendship, deeper in our prayer lives, deeper in our relationship with the Lord, deeper in our zeal for sharing the joy of the Gospel with new students.

We started off the first day of classes with morning prayer together. Once we’d finished the liturgy of the hours, we prayed the litany of trust. It was a great reminder for all of us to take a step back and remember the important things as our calendars fill up. The Lord’s plans are better than ours, He is the only steadfast thing in this life, and He is completely trustworthy and faithful. No matter what this next semester has to offer, we’re ready to face it head on knowing that the Lord has all of us in His steady and gentle hands.

Litany of Trust

From the belief that I have to earn Your love … Deliver me, Jesus.
From the fear that I am unlovable … Deliver me, Jesus.
From the false security that I have what it takes … Deliver me, Jesus.
From the fear that trusting You will leave me more destitute … Deliver me, Jesus.
From all suspicion of Your words and promises … Deliver me, Jesus.
From the rebellion against childlike dependency on You … Deliver me, Jesus.
From refusals and reluctances in accepting Your will … Deliver me, Jesus.
From anxiety about the future … Deliver me, Jesus.
From resentment or excessive preoccupation with the past … Deliver me, Jesus.
From restless self-seeking in the present moment … Deliver me, Jesus.
From disbelief in Your love and presence … Deliver me, Jesus.
From the fear of being asked to give more than I have … Deliver me, Jesus.
From the belief that my life has no meaning or worth … Deliver me, Jesus.
From the fear of what love demands … Deliver me, Jesus.
From discouragement … Deliver me, Jesus.

That You are continually holding me sustaining me, loving me … Jesus, I trust in you.
That Your love goes deeper than my sins and failings, and transforms me …Jesus, I trust in you.
That not knowing what tomorrow brings is an invitation to lean on You … Jesus, I trust in you.
That you are with me in my suffering … Jesus, I trust in you.
That my suffering, united to Your own, will bear fruit in this life and the next …Jesus, I trust in you.
That You will not leave me orphan, that You are present in Your Church
…Jesus, I trust in you.
That Your plan is better than anything else … Jesus, I trust in you.
That You always hear me, and in Your goodness always respond to me …Jesus, I trust in you.
That You give me the grace to accept forgiveness and to forgive others …Jesus, I trust in you.
That You give me all the strength I need for what is asked …Jesus, I trust in you.
That my life is a gift … Jesus, I trust in you.
That You will teach me to trust You … Jesus, I trust in you.
That You are my Lord and my God … Jesus, I trust in you.
That I am Your beloved one … Jesus, I trust in you.